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Octopus vs. Crab Fight Has A Shocking Conclusion

Connor Gallagher's Facebook

Connor Gallagher’s Facebook

Patrick Webster and Connor Gallagher were diving in Monterey Bay, California when they captured one of the most exciting fights in nautical history. A red octopus had a swimmer crab on the ropes, and it looked like it was just a matter of time before the crab got eaten.

But then, the battle took a shocking twist of M. Night Shyamalan proportions. Watch the thrilling conclusion in the videos below.

Holy shit, I did not see that coming! The hunter became the hunted, as a hungry harbor seal came out of nowhere. As a lifelong Maryland resident, I couldn’t be happier that the crab was able to survive. The only time I like seeing crabs get eaten is when I’m the one enjoying the tasty crustaceans.

It’s so nice to see a crab pick up a W for a change, though. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and crabs everywhere finally got some octopus vengeance for this vicious homicide.

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