McDonald's Locations Across The US Have Shut Down For 'A Day Without Immigrants' Protest

Now that obese middle-America can’t stuff their fat faces with Big Macs today, maybe they’ll realize how much this country actually needs immigrants.
In order to protest Donald Trump‘s immigration ban, a “Day Without Immigrants” protest was launched and executed today, causing McDonald’s locations across the United States to shut down.
On Thursday, organizers in cities across the country encouraged immigrants not to show up for work or patronize businesses in order to show how crucial of a role they play in the American economy.
In fact, some McDonald’s locations have been forced to close for the day.
Via Business Insider:

“I was going to stop at McDonald’s for breakfast, but it’s closed,” one Facebook user from New Jersey wrote. “I hear it’s closed because this is the day immigrants are taking off as protest to Trump’s immigration law. I was annoyed at first until I realized why it was closed. Now I’m in full support of anything that goes against Trump and his ilk.”
“Just FYI. Today is immigrants day,” another Facebook user from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma wrote. “In spirit of it the McDonald’s on Douglas off the highway is closed. True story. Enjoy your day.”

The protest comes in response to President Donald Trump’s immigration ban, as well as plans to build a wall along the US-Mexico border. By refusing to work, participating immigrants are demonstrating what the United States would be with increased deportations and new immigration policies.

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