Woman Minding Her Own Business Killed After SUV Plows Into Her Home

Sarah Ruth Joshua, a 66-year-old Florida woman, was killed after a stolen SUV crashed through her Jacksonville home while she was sitting on her couch watching TV. Jacksonville Sheriff’s officials say Joshua was pronounced dead at the scene Tuesday night. 

According to police, a silver 2004 Lincoln Aviator drove through a wall in the living room area of Joshua’s home, striking her and then continuing through the home and into the backyard. The driver then ran away on foot.

Via News4Jax:

A computer check revealed that the Aviator had been reported stolen Saturday from a condo complex and was involved in a hit-and-run crash on nearby West 36th Street prior to crashing into the house, investigators said.
Based on evidence at the scene, traffic homicide detectives believe the driver lost control of the SUV, left the road, traveled along the sidewalk, crossed over West 31st Street and crashed into the home.
“In cases like this, they do respond with an evidence technician to collect that valuable evidence such as DNA, skid patterns, speed patterns and all that,” said Officer Christian Hancock, spokesman for JSO. “Anything we collect, we send off to the labs at the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement). So that’s just a matter of time.”

Police are hoping they can find some DNA evidence in the stolen car that will lead to an arrest.
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