Fox News Sure Is Setting The Bar High For Our Nation's Chief Strategist

It’s like Fox News is saying, “Look, Steve Bannon isn’t in ISIS, people forget that!”
In all seriousness, what kind of person do you have to be for major media organizations to use the actions of ISIS as a barometer for how decent you are? That’s like the NFL using a graphic between Mike Vick and Pacman Jones with the first category being “Has Murdered Dogs.” Sure, Pacman Jones hasn’t tortured any innocent puppies, but he’s still one evil motherf*cker. Nobody would be guilty of anything if it was put in comparison to what ISIS has done. Replace Steve Bannon with Charles Manson and the graphic remains the same. Just because Charlie Boy and ISIS haven’t had any ideological overlaps doesn’t mean he should be working in the White House anytime soon.
Growing up, my parents always told me to put things into perspective. I’m not sure this is what they meant.

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