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Philly News Reporter Drops Super Awkward Gay Joke

Dan Haney's Twitter

Dan Haney’s Twitter

Steve Keeley of Philadelphia’s FOX 29 was out in the elements this morning doing some reporting on the snow. While giving viewers the scoop on the inclement weather, he decided to making a highly inappropriate joke about his colleague Mike Jerrick’s pink sweater.

Watch the brutally awkward clip below.

That was the most long-winded gay joke that I’ve ever heard in my entire life. The more he kept blabbering, the more uncomfortable things got. I felt like I could have watched The Green Mile by the time he finally got to the f*cking punch line. Just spit it out and get your lame-ass, homophobic joke over with, Steve. And for future reference, any joke that requires the roastee to do the goddamn Macarena to set it up is not a joke worth telling.

I’m going to hope that Steve is not really a bigot with a terrible sense of humor and that he just had a literal brain freeze after being out in the cold. I’ll give him a break on this one, but I can’t make any promises about Cam’ron. Killa Cam doesn’t seem like the most forgiving dude.

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