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Trump Hilariously Confirms He’s Watching Fox News By Flickering His Lights On & Off


If we weren’t already living in some bizarre dystopian parallel universe, we sure as hell are now. And unfortunately, I have to admit… I LOVE this move. I’m all for Trump doubling down on his eccentricity. At this point, why not, right? We’re already in for the next four years. Kind of like spilling beer on your shirt at a party? Your shirt’s already wet, so you might as well start chugging beers with reckless abandon. You’re already f*cked, might as well have a good time doing it, right?

But seriously, if you get worked up about this, you need to lighten up. This is a pretty hilarious move from Donnie Freedom (patent pending). Everyone who can watch TV while they work has a go-to channel. I’m watching ESPN 2 right now, it’s what high rollers like the Don and I do. So OF COURSE, his default channel is Fox News. It’s not CNN. Certainly not Bravo or BET. So yes, Trump was watching Fox News and gave them a shout out.

This is America now, get used to it.

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