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Dirt Bike Jump Almost Goes Terribly Wrong, Rider Lands On The Hood Of A Jeep

Desert Dirtbikes

Desert Dirtbikes

Some bros were out in the desert getting super gnarly with Jeeps and dirt bikes when disaster nearly stuck. There was some miscommunication between the riders and drivers, which lead to a daredevil’s back tire landing on the hood of a Jeep Wrangler during a jump. Watch the wild footage here.

Goddamn, that was nerve-wracking. The bike rider’s entire life had to be flashing before his eyes as he came barreling down on that Jeep. And the driver had to be petrified too. I flinch when a f*cking pebble hits my windshield, so I can’t even imagine the fear of having a dirt bike practically fall into your lap.

Via the YouTube description,┬áhere’s more details on the crazy jump.

100 ft dirt bike jump landed onto Jeep wrangler hood/bonnet during a desert free ride motocross session in the Qatar dunes. My mate hit a big dune jump and due to lack of communication between the boys at the top of the dune nobody saw the jeep coming until he was airborne, he landed on the hood but thankfully rode away like a boss. An unbelievable escape from what could of been a deadly dune wreck/crash.

Communication really is the key to every relationship. Stay safe out there, radical dudes.

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