This Satanist Who Tried To Burn Down Popeyes Has Obviously Never Seen 'Little Nicky'

This one confuses me. I always thought Satan and his followers were down with Popeyes chicken. Ever seen a little movie called Little Nicky? Absolute early 2000s classic. A banger, if you will. Adam Sandler plays the son of Satan who is forced to live on Earth. His favorite meal? Popeyes chicken, which according to Nicky, is f*cking awesome.

Usually when I see a man with a pentagram tattooed on his forehead, I assume he’s down with Popeyes. However, as life goes, I guess all Satanists aren’t the same.
Via The Daily Nonpareil:

No one was injured in a small fire that was extinguished at Council Bluffs’ Popeyes on Monday evening. Robert New, 42, faces a charge of first-degree arson – a class B felony – and remains jailed after the incident.
When firefighters arrived at 3440 W. Broadway, they found heavy smoke inside the men’s restroom emanating from a trash can fire. The fire was extinguished, and a fire investigator arrived on scene. No one was injured.
According to the report, investigators spoke with the employees who stated just before the fire broke out a man wearing a green mask came into the building and into the bathroom.
The restaurant’s manager said that New is a transient who regularly comes in to ask for food and dig through their dumpster, the report reads.

New is currently being held at the Pottawattamie County Jail on charges of arson and possession of drug paraphernalia, with his bond set at $25,300.
If only New had seen Little Nicky, he would have known his people are down with the Popeye.

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