Ivanka Trump Net Worth 2022: How Much Is Ivanka Worth Now?

Ivanka Trump is more than just the president’s daughter. She’s a businesswoman, socialite, author, and fashion model. Ivanka is both super rich and super beautiful. She has yuge and powerful connections in business and politics. It’d be hard to Trump that! But how much moolah does Ivanka have exactly? Let’s take a look and see…

Ivanka Trump Net Worth as of 2019: $150 Million

Ivanka’s net worth rolls in at an impressive $150 million. How did she make so much money? Well, we can thank “Big Daddy” Donald for much of her wealth. But she has also made a name for herself on her own. Ivanka has her own line of fashion products. She also owns a company called Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, which sells diamond and gold jewelry. In October 2009, she wrote her very own book: The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life. She’s also a model, having appeared on many magazine covers, including Forbes, Avenue, and Harper’s Bazaar. Ivanka has certainly led a stunning life.

1997 – 2006

Ivanka Trump Net Worth 2006

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At only 16 years old, Ivanka appeared on her first magazine cover. Since appearing on the cover of Seventeen in 1997, Ivanka has walked the runways for fashion companies such as Versace, Marc Bouwer, and Thierry Mugler. She has also appeared on many other magazine covers, including Elle Mexico, Golf Magazine, and Top Choice Magazine. She has also participated in advertisement campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger and Sassoon Jeans. She’s appeared on the cover of Stuff Magazine in August 2006 and in September 2007.
In 2004, Ivanka graduated from college. She attended Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. She received a bachelor’s degree in economics with the distinction of cum laude, which means she got a pretty high GPA (at least 3.5).
She worked for Forest City Enterprises for a brief period in 2005. In 2007, she got involved in the luxury jewelry business, teaming up with Dynamic Diamond Corp. to create Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry. However, her flagship retail store on 109 Mercer Street in Manhattan closed down in 2015, according to a Racked.com report. The only remaining retail shop for Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry is located inside Trump Tower. However, her brand can still be found in fine jewelry stores throughout the US, Canada, and in the Middle East, in countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates,  Bahrain, and Kuwait.

2006 – 2015

Ivanka Trump Net Worth 2015

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In 2006, Ivanka appeared on five episodes of The Apprentice‘s fifth season as an advisor and judge of the competition. That year, she appeared on as a guest judge on Project Runway‘s third season. Ivanka also appeared on the full season of The Apprentice season six, as a primary boardroom judge. She later became one of the primary judges on the 2008 follow-up series The Celebrity Apprentice.
In October 2009, her very first book was released to the public, The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life. A second book is scheduled to be released March 2017. This book is titled Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success.
On October 25, 2009, Ivanka married real estate developer Jared Kushner. Ivanka and Jared have brought three children into this world. Theodore James Kushner is their youngest child, born on March 27, 2016.

2015 – 2017

Ivanka Trump Net Worth 2017

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Ivanka Trump donated money to Hillary Clinton‘s 2007 presidential campaign, but in 2015, she publicly approved Hillary’s opponent: her father and future President Donald Trump. She calls herself an advocate for women and Israel. According to Ivanka, she was her father’s advisor “on women’s health and women” during his presidential campaign. She claims responsibility for her father’s stance on women’s issues. However, she did have some mixed feelings about her father’s campaign. In October 2015, Ivanka said, “As a citizen, I love what he’s doing. As a daughter, it’s obviously more complicated.”
In 2017, she stepped down from her position in Trump Organization. She has led a very luxurious life bordering on royalty. Now, she is practically royalty as “First Daughter of the United States.” She has an impressive resume and an even more impressive bank book. $150 million is a whole lot of coin. It’s no wonder that someone with the last name Trump is stinkin’ rich!


Daughter of Donald Trump and American Model, Ivanka Trump like her dad never shy’s away from controversy and 2018 will spring out more of it from her.


According to the confirmation of one White House official, Ivanka Trump will help manage the US nomination process as she’s worked closely with the World Bank’s leadership for the past two years.

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