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FedEx Driver Literally Fire Extinguishes Entire Group Of Protestors, Saves American Flag


Listen, I’m going to be straight up: I consider myself to be a liberal, but it’s these kinds of people that are starting to make me think I should jump ship. It’s when flag burning comes into play that I lose all respect for whoever’s burning. You can bitch and moan and march all you want, but when you burn the American flag, your argument automatically becomes invalid. When will these people realize that respecting the flag has less to do with the government and its branches and more to do with our military and the men & women who fight for us?

According to KCRG, those at the rally said they were protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline and a variety of other issues. According to protestors, the flag burning was not intended to be anti-veteran but instead meant to protest racial and social injustice and U.S. imperialism, they said.

However, after witnessing the burning, FedEx driver and part-time superhero Matt Uhrin had enough and stepped in. Speaking to Press-Citizen, Uhrin declined to comment except to say his actions were not related to his employer.

Thankfully, police arrested 21-year-old Kelli Ebensberger of Iowa City and 23-year-old Paul Osgerby of Ames for open burning, which is a simple misdemeanor.

According to the police report, officers say they saw Osgerby setting fire to a U.S. flag Ebensberger was holding. The pair did not have a permit from the fire department for a fire.

Both men are due in court February 23.

You ever see Matt Uhrin and Superman in the same room? Me neither. Truth, justice, and the American way, motherf*ckers.

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