Donald Trump Tweets: Top 10 Best Tweets By Donald Trump

Love him or hate him, President-elect Donald Trump says a lot of things on the internet. Mr. Trump publishes approximately six tweets every day according to Twitter’s analytics and statistics. Even for a regular Twitter user, that’s a lot.
Trump’s opinionated personality is definitely in line with being an avid Twitter user, so it’s not a big surprise to anyone who has followed him over his candidacy. Personally, I find most of his tweets to be rather humorous (whether he intends them to be or not). Whether he got your vote or you didn’t wish him well on his journey to become America’s commander in chief, he does provide social media users with some entertainment!
Just in time for the inauguration, here are Donald Trump’s top 10 Twitter moments.

Wow! Here we can see Donald Trump calling out a famous actress from the critically acclaimed Twilight movies. I guess Mr. Trump isn’t a Twilight fan.

How Trump can go from bashing a famous actress to being an enthusiastic and empowering political figure, I don’t know. Yet somehow he does it. He has faith in us, so maybe we should put a little more faith back into the man who will be leading us.

This one takes me back to high school. Remember when everyone shouted and called people names, basically making sure that nobody liked them? That’s what this reminds me of. It’s not the most flattering of Twitter outbursts under his belt, but it does make for some great laughs.

This is a sincere and honest photo put out by Donald Trump in honor of the country’s law enforcement. He’s not all that bad of a man, he just tends to post a lot of controversial things on social media.

He makes a valid point, other than calling people stupid. Most of us are too busy hating on him to realize that he cares about the relations between the United States and the rest of the world. He can occasionally make a good argument or two if you listen long enough.

After Donald Trump called out Obama for endorsing Hilary Clinton during the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton responded with this:

Naturally, Donald Trump has a witty response to fire right back at his opponent.

The fun never ends with Donald Trump, that’s for sure.

Well, you heard him! The best taco bowls are made in his humble abode, apparently. The part that makes me laugh is the note at the end saying “I love Hispanics!” I’m looking forward to his Cinco De Mayo photo next year.

This one makes me wonder: Is he just trolling everyone? He clearly loves writing these and he claims that everyone loves them. The latter may be somewhat true, but I’m sure there’s a difference between being the best and being ridiculed. Either way, it seems many people are attracted to his Twitter feed. Funny, isn’t it?

This might be my favorite post by Donald Trump in the history of his many social media updates. It’s out of nowhere, the subject matter is too funny to ignore, and the responses are hilarious. One reply is a photo of Donald Trump eating McDonald’s, and drinking, you guessed it, a Diet Coke.

Last, but not least, is probably the most ironic Twitter exchange of them all. This one has Donald Trump quoting the comment of another Twitter user, but he accidently uses the wrong Twitter handle for his daughter Ivanka. This results in a pretty ironic response from a completely different Ivanka located in England.

Sometimes I wonder what will come out of Donald Trump’s mouth next. Watching his Twitter account is like a social experiment put on by the entirety of America. There’s always something new to learn about what he thinks. Not all of it is bad, though. After all, he’s now President Trump.
If you haven’t gotten enough enjoyment out of these highlights or you’re just interested in seeing what he has to say,  you can follow him on Twitter. As the next president of the United States, there’s definitely a lot to look forward to in the Oval office, both online and offline.


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