Apparently, Kellyanne Conway Was Throwing Hands At The Inauguration

I’ll say this right off the bat: I would NOT mess with Kellyanne Conway. No matter how you feel about her politics, everyone should be able to admit that Kellyanne Conway is one tough cookie.
And according to New York Daily News, Conway isn’t all talk, either. Witnesses say the special counselor to the president allegedly punched a rowdy tuxedo-clad man during the Liberty Ball in Washington on Friday after the inauguration.
Via the Daily News:

Conway was apparently forced to intervene when two larger men were involved in an altercation at Washington Convention Center on Friday.

When it became apparent that the two men were not going to stop fighting, Conway stepped in and punched one of them with a closed fist in the face at least three times, a witness said.

There was no word as to what precipitated the fight.

The witness’ account was corroborated by a Fox Business Channel reporter who said that Conway punched the man several times in the face with a closed fist.

Fox Business correspondent Charlie Gasparino gave an account of the brawl in a Monday Facebook post:

“Whole thing lasted a few mins no one was hurt except maybe the dude she smacked. Now I know why Trump hired her.”

If Gasparino’s account is anywhere remotely close to the truth, then trust me, you DO NOT want to mess with Kellyanne Conway. She’s from Camden, and as a Jersey boy, TRUST ME, you don’t f*ck with the Camden chicks.

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