Here Is Why Anti-Trump Protesters Should Be Super Jelly At Stone Cold Steve Austin

A lot of protesters in Washington should probably be jealous of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Not so much for his success in the wrestling ring. But for the fact that he’s the only person in the known universe to have given President Donald Trump a Stone Cold Stunner.
Let’s go back to 2007. Vince McMahon and Donald Trump were embroiled in an intense rivalry known as “The Battle of the Billionaires.” Back then, the crowd actually treated The Donald as the good guy. That was way before the media circus took aim at Trump. America’s resident orange-toned ham says to Vinnie Mac, “I’m taller than you. I’m better looking than you. I think I’m stronger than you, and I am here to challenge you to a match at WrestleMania…One hundred percent, I would kick your ass.”

At WrestleMania 23, both McMahon and Trump selected wrestlers to represent them in a yuge match, with the stipulation that if your wrestler loses then you get your head shaved. Just imagine, The Donald actually getting his head shaved live on worldwide television. This match definitely had yuge appeal. Trump handpicked “The Destroyer” Lashley to represent him in this match. Meanwhile. Vinnie Mac chose “The Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga to wrestle on his behalf.
Pro wrestling icon Stone Cold Steve Austin was thrown into the mix as well. Austin 3:16 was the special guest referee for the “Battle of the Billionaires.” He promised to call things straight down the middle, and if anybody gets out of line, he’ll just open up a can of whoop ass and call it a day. If Trump gets out of line, you beat your ass he’d get a stunner by Steve.

Vince McMahon thought it would be yuge if Austin would give Trump the Stone Cold Stunner at the end of their WrestleMania segment. The Donald’s right hand man didn’t like the idea. But let’s see what Trump thought. Here’s how the story played out, as explained by Austin on the Stone Cold podcast:

“Vince says to me, ‘Steve, I’m going to see if I can get Donald to take the Stunner.” “I said, ‘you think?’ He says, ‘Oh yeah, it’ll be great, it’ll be great.’ He goes up to Donald and says, ‘Hey Donald, this is Stone Cold Steve Austin.’ I shook Donald’s hand. He goes, ‘Listen, I want to know if after the match, when everything is done, if Steve could hit the Stone Cold Stunner on you.’ Donald says, ‘You think it’d be a good thing?’ and Vince goes, ‘Oh, of course it would be. It would just blow the roof off the place.’ And Donald’s right hand guy was saying, ‘No, no, no! You don’t need to do this, we got other things to do!’ He’s trying to talk him out of it. And Donald says to Vince, ‘You think it’ll help?’ and Vince goes, ‘I promise you it’ll help.’ And Donald says, ‘Okay, I’ll do it.’”

Vince promised Trump that receiving a stunner would be yuge, and Trump took the bait. Austin says that he can respect The Donald for that. It may not have been the best Stone Cold Stunner, but he was a true team-player for agreeing to it. And now, the man is the President of the United States. Who woulda thought?
“It wasn’t a picture-perfect stunner,” Austin says, “but I give Donald Trump a hell of a lot of credit for being a man. He was a stand-up guy, he was there to do business and we did business, so I respect the man for that. If I see him giving a speech on the TV, I don’t think, ‘Hey, I gave this guy a stunner.’ We were doing business and we did business. The fact that he is going to be the next President of the United States, it’s a hell of a story.”
Trump’s guy (Lashley) may have won the match, and The Donald’s famous hair got spared. But we all won by the end of the night thanks to everybody’s favorite enraged redneck.
Looking to see the stunner heard around the world? Look below and watch the infamous Austin hit The Donald with the Stone Cold Stunner. The Texas Rattlesnake kicked some serious presidential ass.

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