CIA Publishes Its Entire History, Uploads 13 Million Pages Of Documents To The Internet

The Central Intelligence Agency has published nearly 13 million pages of declassified documents online. The documents were previously only physically accessible from four computers at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland. And yes, it includes UFO’s. Via CNN:

 The documents shed some light on the agency’s activities throughout the Vietnam, Korean and Cold War conflicts. It even includes documents pertaining to purported UFO sightings and the organization’s “Star Gate” program investigating possible psychic abilities and what could be done with them.

Known as the CIA Records Search Tool, or CREST, the archive spans the CIA’s extensive history, beginning at its inception up through the 1990s, as nothing in the archive is newly declassified. The archive includes information from the Cold War and Vietnam to terrorism and global economics

CIA spokesperson Heather Fritz Horniak said “It’s the full history. It’s good and bads.”

Although the documents are declassified, redactions do occur throughout the 13 million pages.

“Lightly redacted for sources and methods,” said Horniak.

Given the unprecedented size of the archive, new developments on the CIA’s activities throughout ihistory are likely to trickle out to the masses as the millions of pages are reviewed. , Joseph Lambert, the CIA’s director of information management, said that the agency is looking for a way to comb through the information.
via Bloomberg:

Lambert said the agency is looking at emerging technology, including artificial intelligence and machine-learning tools, to help process the staggering amount of documents officials must pore through. That requires judging whether releasing the content would harm national security and redacting certain sensitive names and details.
“Human beings can only do so many pages,” Lambert said. “It’s a difficult endeavor to make sure that you can put together the right technologies to assist a human being going forward to scale to hundreds of millions of pages.”

You can find the full CIA archive here.

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