Meek Mill Fighting Drake For $5 Million With Nicki Minaj As The Ring Girl Is Something The World Needs

So, rappers boxing each other for money is a thing now, huh?
An Instagram Live video from Thursday night shows Philadelphia rapper and King of Taking Ls Meek Mill saying he would fight Drake for $5 million. The video takes places in a gym while someone else is recording on their cell phone. Meek can be heard saying that he would “break Drizzy the f**k up for five mill” while talking about the upcoming Soulja Boy and Chris Brown “fight.”
“Of course I would,” Meek says,“And we gone make Nicki the ring girl.”
I think it goes without saying that this is a win-win for about every person on Earth (other than Chris Brown and Soulja Boy). A Drake-Meek brawl dilutes their upcoming fight by miles. Throw in Nicki doing what she does, and you have a pay-per-view sale on par with McGregor money.
As I’ve said, the Drake-Nicki Minaj dynamic interests me because Drake is literally the more feminine of the two. Drake whines about love lost while Nicki goes bars deep about stealing money and getting laid. It’s reassuring knowing that even for a dude like Drake, who could literally have about 80% of the hottest women in the world, there’s always going to be that one chick who will always have the upper hand on you.

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