Adam Devine Net Worth 2021: How Much Is Adam Devine Worth Now?

Adam Devine is a hilarious film and television star, most commonly known for his roles on successful shows like Modern Family and Workaholics. He most recently starred in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates alongside Zac Efron. Adam is arguably the most successful star to come out of the show Workaholics. His Workaholics co-stars Blake Anderson and Anders Holm also get plenty of roles on television and movies but casting agents seem to be searching for Devine a lot more. They see money in this funny actor. But how much money does Adam Devine have right now? Look below and you will know.

Adam Devine’ Net Worth as of 2019: $3 Million

Devine’s net worth rolls in at a sweet $3 million. His roles in Hollywood keep on coming. And his wallet keeps getting mo’ fat. He is a “jack of all trades,” in that he is not only an actor. He is also a screenwriter, a producer, a singer and a comedian. He’s also a voice actor, as he plays a talking slice of pizza on the show Uncle Grandpa. Devine is notorious for his role as the shameless Adam DeMamp in the Comedy Central series Workaholics. Now, as that show enters its final season, we look back on the career of one of the creators. Devine has walked down a road of success and fortune. Let’s find out where that road begins.

2006 – 2011

Adam Devine Net Worth 2011

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Before Workaholics, there was a sketch-comedy group called Mail Order Comedy. This group is made up of all the future stars of that hit Comedy Central show of strange stoner slackers. They used websites like Myspace and YouTube to gain popularity as a group. In April 2008, they appeared on the G4 series Attack of the Show! On that show, the Mail Order Comedy group performed a rap song dressed up in wizard garb. The song is titled “Wizards Never Die,” and it was also performed on an episode of Workaholics. But let’s get old school for a minute and watch that 2008 music video:

Adam also had minor roles in film before his career exploded with Workaholics. In 2007, he secured a small role in the film Mama’s Boy. In 2009, he had a not-so-noteworthy role in the Direct-to-DVD film National Lampoon’s 301: The Legend of Awesomest Maximus. He also appeared in a bong-load of TV shows such as Better Off TedFrank TVTraffic Light, and Samantha Who?

2011 – 2014

Adam Devine Net Worth 2014

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In 2011, he finally hit the mecca of humor when Workaholics hit the airwaves of Comedy Central. The pilot aired on March 15, 2011 as a “TV Sneak Peek,” which aired right after the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump. Let me assure you, the pilot was terrific. And Adam has helped make Comedy Central great again!
Workaholics is currently in their sixth and final season. This show airs all throughout the globe. You can watch the brajs getting weird on TV sets from Brazil to Croatia. It’s a shame to see them go, but at least they’ve left us with plenty of nice memories to live by.

Starting in October 2013, Adam got his very own show on Comedy Central known as Adam DeVine’s House Party. That year, he was signed on to play a recurring role in the ABC sitcom Modern Family. He has appeared in 100+ episodes of Uncle Grandpa as the brash and cocky “Pizza Steve.” He has branched off into doing commercials for companies like Best Buy and Allstate Insurance. And Adam has also appeared in a commercial promoting the 2013 PC video game SimCity. In 2014, Devine lent his voice for another animated show. He co-stars as Boone Wiseman on the Disney channel program Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero.

2014 – 2017

Adam Devine Net Worth 2017

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Devine’s film career has really taken off since he first got weird on Workaholics. He has landed roles in films like Pitch Perfect (and the sequel), The Intern, Ice Age: Collision Course, and Why Him? His most prominent movie role to date was in the film Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. In the movie, he plays Mike Stangle, an alcohol salesman, who works with his brother (Zac Efron), and they create a Craigslist ad looking for respectable dates to take on an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii for their cousin’s wedding. This is also based on a true story. It’s like the Titanic, but without the ship, the iceberg, or the sappy romance. Okay, it’s not like the Titanic at all (except that it’s based on a true story).

Adam Devine’s career has really skyrocketed. He’s now a star of both television and movies. It’s hard to escape this guy. And just when you think you’ve lost him, one of his cheeky commercials comes on. He’s a very prolific person. No wonder he’s accumulated so much moolah in the bank.


American comedian and actor, Adam Devine will bring his brand of humor on stage as he goes on tour to Australia for his stand up special Weird Life Tour.


Adam Devine is starring in a major motion picture called “Lexi”, the shooting has already started in this January.

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