Gotta Love Those Videos Of Walk-Ons Being Given Scholarships

For Michigan senior guard Andrew Dakich, the scare of his life turned into the best moment of his life, as campus police entered a team meeting on Monday and approach Dakich with a pretend warrant before sharing the news that he was a recipient of a scholarship for the winter semester.
“I was thinking, the last three and a half years what could have possibly happened (to require police) and I didn’t come up with anything luckily, so I thought I was in the clear,” Dakich said to the Detriot Free Press.
As the officers walked towards him, Dakich thought about asking to talk in private or if he was being punked, however he ended up deciding it was real, so he let the police do their job.

 “They came out with a document, some warrant to get out of there, so it was really scary for me,” he said.

The semester scholarship for Dakich was a staff decision, a year after fellow walk-on Sean Lonergan got it for a semester last year.

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