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This Is The Face Of A Man Who Boxed Himself Into Paying Donald Trump A Compliment


Look, not to get all Loose Change (Google it) on you people, but real quick: I don’t know if it was the Russians or the DNC or the democratic population themselves who screwed it all up for Bernie Sanders, but I’ll tell you this: we were ALL robbed. Republicans, democrats, those people who vote for the other people, ALL of us missed a golden opportunity. Let me drop a quick truth bomb on your forehead: a Bernie-Trump debate would have been amazing television. Two old New Yorkers arguing about politics for 120 minutes? Just picture it: intense nonverbal communication, hand gestures, facial expressions, cutting each other off, dueling Brooklyn-Manhattan accents, it would have been electric. There would have been some hands.

During his democratic group cry session town hall event on CNN, Sanders was inevitably asked to say something nice about Donald Trump because some inverted Ken Bone thought he was slick.

Bernie did what he does best by saying what we’re all really thinking: whether you like to admit it or not, Trump campaigned his ass off and connected with a majority of Americans. Given how divided we clearly still are, that ain’t no easy feat, and for that, you have to give the guy credit.

So, please just take a quick second to pour one out for the idea of a Sanders-Trump debate. God only knows the memes and gifs that would have given us.

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