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WATCH: Sly Crook Uses Fingers As Gun To Rob Convenience Store



A real slick criminal pulled off a monumental heist in the Harbor Gateway neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. The robbery footage was recently released by police, but the caper took place all the way back on November 11, 2016. Watch a man pretend that he’s packing heat under his shirt to successfully rob a convenience store.

I really want to criticize the convenience store workers for getting bluffed so badly, but I would’ve done the same exact thing. Even if I’m 99% sure that guy is lying, I’m not risking being wrong for minimum wage. Hell, that guy could’ve came in there with a Nerf gun and I probably still would’ve handed over the dough.

If anything, this video just shows the importance of confidence. You bark out a few intimidating threats, rock a sweet fedora and jean shorts combo, and do some menacing finger gestures, I’m going to believe that you have a gun. It’s like the sage George Costanza¬†once said…

This crafty bandit made off with approximately $300 and police are still looking for him. I’m not sure if they have any promising leads, but if I were them, I’d check every ballet studio in the area. Graceful displays like that don’t grow on trees.

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