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WATCH: Bull Shark Attacks Spearfisherman In Terrifying Video

Liquid Vision's YouTube

Liquid Vision’s YouTube

In North Queensland Australia, a spearfisherman was minding his own business when he was attacked by a rude ass bull shark. Watch the frightening footage in the video below.

And that is why I am firmly #TeamDryLand, my friends. Just look at this GIF.

No f*cking thanks. That bloodthirsty shark was charging at that dude like he was shot out of a goddamn cannon. Looking like a deleted scene from Jaws or something.

I’m surprised the guy in the video can find scuba gear that can contain his gigantic cojones. He somehow stayed cool, calm, and collected under terrifying circumstances, looking death in the face and saying, “Not today, dickhead.” He gave that yellow-bellied shark a nice spear shot to the kisser and taught him a lesson that he’ll never forget.

This guy needs to meet Tyler McQuillen, so they can trade war stories about whipping sharks’ asses.

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