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Giants Players Warm Up Shirtless On Frozen Tundra At Lambeau Field, Showing How Tough/Foolish They Are

Screenshot via video from Twitter/ @Giants)

(Screenshot via video from Twitter/ @Giants)

Clearly I’m not a football player, just a guy with a laptop who’s currently sitting on a couch in my parents’ heated house, but everything I know about the human body tells me that warming up shirtless in 12 degree weather probably isn’t the smartest idea. But that’s exactly what the offensive skill players for my Giants did today at Lambeau Field before their late afternoon playoff game against the Green Bay Packers.

Young savages, indeed. Certainly not young epidemiologists though.

After seeing the Giants receivers partying in Miami less than a week ago with the likes of Johnny Manziel and Justin Bieber, I was worried that they were boozing it up this morning and weren’t worried about the cold because they had their alcohol jackets on.

But according to Rachel Nichols, this is the same thing the Giants 2007 and 2011 teams did before their wins at Lambeau Field en route to winning the Super Bowl.

So as a Giants fan, I may not get the point of  warming up without your shirt on, but I’m certainly not mad about it either.

A bit closer to the game, Beckham made the wise move to throw on some layers.

Hopefully this seemingly pointless charade gives Big Blue some sort of mental edge. If they do pull of the win though, I seriously doubt it will be because some of their players “warmed up” shirtless in the freezing cold.




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