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Comedian Bill Burr To Spice Up Dolphins-Steelers Game With Facebook Live Commentary

(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Comedy Central)

(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Comedy Central)

As a Giants fan, I have a lot of respect for what Phil Simms did during his playing career in the NFL. But as someone with ears, even I must admit that Phil Simms is nearly unlistenable as an announcer.

From notoriously saying “talked about” 50 times a game to providing some of the most nonsensical analysis in the league, there’s no wonder there’s a @philsimmsquotes Twitter account with 38.8 thousand followers that deridingly live tweets every game Simms calls.

But today stand-up comedian Bill Burr is throwing us a lifeline by doing probably NSFW commentary on Facebook Live for the Steelers-Dolphins game. If you want to be spared listening to Phil Simms and instead laugh your ass off, tune in on the All Things Comedy Facebook page starting at 1 p.m EST.

Burr is a Boston-bred comic known for his several stand-up specials on Netflix, the animated Netflix sitcom F is for Family and hosting the Monday Morning Podcast since 2007.

For a sampling of what to expect out of Burr, here is him providing mock commentary for a Bulls-Celtics game that is equal parts hysterical and profane.

Burr is a Patriots fan and more of a hockey guy than anything else, so it’s unclear how sophisticated his account of the otherwise unexciting Steelers-Dolphins will be. But no matter what, you know listening to Bill Burr will be a helluva lot better than cringing to Phil Simms calls for three hours.


(h/t USA Today’s FTW blog via SplitSider)


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