Plea Deal In The Works For Woman Who Drove Into OSU Parade, Sure Sounds Like She's Pleading Insanity

Because we live in a world where absolutely nothing makes sense, a possible plea deal is in the works for the woman who drove her car into a crowd at a homecoming parade at Oklahoma State University. Adacia Chambers, who is charged with four counts of second-degree manslaughter and more than 40 (FORTY) counts of assault and battery, pled not guilty.
Back in October 2015, Chambers drove her car through police barricades and into a crowd at Main Street and Hall of Fame Avenue, in Stillwater, Oklahoma, home of the OSU campus. Four spectators died and dozens were injured in the crash. Chambers claims it was a suicide attempt.
via KOCO:

Chambers, now 26, of Stillwater, is charged with four counts of second-degree murder and 42 counts of assault and battery by means or force likely to produce death. All counts carry possible sentences of up to life in prison.
Her attorney, Tony Coleman, doesn’t dispute that she was the driver who crashed through police barricades and into a crowd.
Coleman, though, had given notice that he planned to raise the question of mental illness or insanity at the time of the offense. The defense attorney didn’t return phone messages Thursday.

I get that this is what lawyers do, but using the suicide/mental illness card is a cowardly move. If you want to commit suicide, you don’t feel the need to bring others with you. That’s not suicide. That’s murder.
Chambers’ trial is scheduled to start on Tuesday.

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