Haters Will Say This Llama Strolling Down A Georgia Highway Is Photoshopped

Does anyone know why llamas exist other than their ironic value? Or why someone would own a llama in the first place? I’m gonna go ahead and estimate that if you’re a llama owner, there’s about an 80% chance you’re also a serial killer. Or at the very least down with a cult. There is no way that the dude who loves himself a llama doesn’t also dabble in the occasional murder or the occult. Ladies, if you’re ever on a date and you head back to the guy’s house and he has a llama in his backyard, get the hell out of there as fast as you can.

Via CNN:

Hannah Martin and her boyfriend, Matt Bridgers, had stopped in traffic Wednesday when they saw the llama casually wandering along Epps Bridge Parkway, a busy thoroughfare outside Athens, Georgia.

I first spotted the llama about 100 yards away crossing the road and initially thought it was a person,” Martin said. “Never would’ve expected a llama until it started galloping down the median toward us.”
Other drivers were also quick to notice the animal native to South America, which seemed unperturbed by the flashing blue lights from a police car. “It’s a good day for (Oconee County) cops,” one onlooker tweeted.

Her: Come over

Me: But I’m a llama

Her: I’m home alone


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