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WATCH: Ozzy Man Narrates 2-Year-Old Pushing Dresser Off Twin Brother

Ozzy Man Reviews' YouTube

Ozzy Man Reviews’ YouTube

Unless you’ve been living under a dresser, you’ve seen the wild viral video of a two-year-old boy pushing a dresser off of his twin brother by now. The video has racked up a boatload of views, and the family even went on CNN to talk about the furniture mishap.

With the video being so popular, Ozzy Man decided to add his hilarious brand of commentary to the mix. Listen to him narrate the action in a way that only that crazy son of a bitch can.

Finally, somebody says it. All I’ve heard about ever since this video hit the internet is what a hero this kid is. F*ck that noise. He’s the whole reason the dresser fell on his brother in the first place! Everything was going fine for that little dude until his slapdick brother decided to climb on the dresser and cause it to topple over. If he had even an elementary understanding of physics, he wouldn’t have almost turned his brother into a flapjack.

I also love how he took his sweet ass time pushing the dresser off of his brother. Where was his sense of urgency!? I’ve seen two-minute drills from Andy Reid with a faster pace. His poor brother’s in agony and he’s messing around with his toys like a total dipshit. His parents ought to ground him until he’s 50 for such irresponsible behavior.

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