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Newly Released CCTV Footage Shows Hero Cops Take Down Walmart Gunman


Back in April, Officers Joshua Pueblo and Daniel Colwell of Chandler, Arizona responded to what they believed was a routine trespassing incident at a nearby Walmart. The trespasser, however, was merely using the call to lure and ambush the cops. When Pueblo and Colwell arrived, the gunman, Mitchell Oakley, opened fire, hitting Pueblo in the face and shooting Colwell twice.

As Oakley fled, Colwell returned fire from the ground. Outside, Oakley dropped his gun and when he went back for it, was shot dead by Colwell.

Newly released CCTV footage shows the moment that Colwell reaches for his gun and fires back at the convicted felon. Pueblo was shot in the face and his colleague Colwell was hit with two bullets from close range. Officer Pueblo remains on medical leave while recovering from gunshot wounds to the face and arm.

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