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Officer Forgets He’s A Cop And Not In The WWE, Body Slams Female High School Student


Ruben De Los Santos, a police officer at Rolesville High School in North Carolina has been placed on administrative leave after a video emerged of him slamming 15-year-old  Jasmine Darwin to the ground. How a grown man, especially an officer, and ESPECIALLY one that works in a high school, can rag doll a kid like this is beyond me.

Video sent by ABC11 shows Darwin being picked up and thrown to the ground by school resource officer Ruben De Los Santos. A second, longer video sent in shows a fight between two girls which led up to the incident. Rolesville Police said Tuesday night that a fight took place about 7:10 A.M. in the cafeteria area between two female students.

Harrison said one of her daughters was involved in that fight and her other daughter, Jasmine, was trying to defend her sister and break it up when administrators can be seen intervening.

The second video, sent in by another eyewitness, shows two girls fighting each other, eventually ending up on the floor. The girls were throwing punches, kicking, and clawing at each other.

However, according to Aisha Nasser, the witness who sent the longer video, said she didn’t think De Los Santos meant any harm.

“He’s one of the kindest officers I’ve ever come across,” said Nasser. “Seeing the whole situation first hand it was out of control and he was just trying to gain control of the situation and I know it wasn’t his intention to hurt that girl.”

What Happened?

School resource officer Ruben De Los Santos was placed on administrative leave after a video emerged of him slamming 15-year-old student Jasmine Darwin to the ground.

Where Is Rolesville High School?

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