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WATCH: Trash Talking Lunatic Gets Knocked Out Cold



Some guy who was clearly a couple cards short of a full deck picked the wrong dude to mess with at a gas station. Watch this lunatic rant and rave about being “Satan’s son,” and then get promptly knocked out.

I don’t know about him being “Satan’s son,” but he might be related to Hypnos. According to a quick google search, Hypnos is the god of sleep, and that guy looked like he was going to be snoozing for quite awhile. This video was uploaded to WorldStar on December 30, 2016, and I’m not sure if this weirdo woke up in time to see the ball drop. Hell, Sleeping Beauty might not even be up by the time 2018 rolls around.

That fight was over as soon as it started. Once that lightning fast right hand hit that demonic dickhead flush on the cheek, it was curtains for him. All the sorcery and gasoline fumes in the world wouldn’t be enough to resuscitate him.

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