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WATCH: One-Legged West Virginia Fan & Miami Fan Get Into Bathroom Fight At Bowl Game

TMZ Sports

TMZ Sports

An argument broke out at the Russell Athletic Bowl between a West Virginia fan and a Miami fan over cutting bathroom lines. This is a very serious offense at sporting events, so unsurprisingly, the verbal disagreement lead to violence. Elevating this incident from your average college football scrap was the fact that the West Virginia fan only had one leg. Watch how the bizarre episode played out at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.

Is it a bush league move to punch a one-legged man in the face and run away? Absolutely. But is it an effective fight strategy? Apparently so. I guess we finally know how a one-legged man would do in an ass kicking contest.

Even though the West Virginia fan took a punch to the face, I still think he won the battle with his insane trash talk. Threatening to urinate on another man and (I sincerely hope) quoting Road House┬áis as good as it gets. Bruises on your cheek will fade over time, but vicious burns like that will live in a man’s psyche for eternity.

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