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WATCH: Norwegian Man Celebrates First Snow By Running Around In Underwear & Chugging Booze

apetor's YouTube

apetor’s YouTube

I think that everybody has their own snow routines. Some people like to go skiing or snowboarding, while others enjoy curling up by the fireplace with a good book. But then there’s others like 51-year-old Tor Eckhoff of Vestfold County in Norway, who love to run around in the snow in their underwear and chug vodka. Different strokes for different folks.

Eckhoff celebrates the first snowfall of the year by putting up a video to YouTube of him acting a damn fool in the fresh power. This is volume three of Eckhoff’s wild tradition.

Jesus, I’m practically shivering from just watching that. The whole bathtub thing was especially tough to watch too. I think my penis retreated back into my body like a turtle’s head going back into its shell at the mere thought of getting into that frigid water. If Eckhoff’s not careful, he’s going to get frostbite worse than Deeds had.

The majority of Eckhoff’s YouTube account is just him doing crazy sh*t in the snow. You can check out all of his videos here and below are the previous editions of “The First Snow.”

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