WATCH: The Kansas City Christmas Showdown Between The Broncos & The Chiefs

The reigning Super Bowl Champions are once again the underdogs. But if Denver gets their Christmas wish, they’ll finally be able to overcome the Kansas City Chiefs. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are only one win away from securing their spot in the playoffs. If the Chiefs once again beat the Broncos then they’ll be on the path to their own Super Bowl year. But the Broncos aren’t going to give up so easily; they still have a shot, and they’ll look to run through the Chiefs to survive in a highly competitive league.
The rivalry between the Broncos and the Chiefs dates all the way back to  October 30, 1960. They’ve been feuding ever since the Chiefs were known as the Texans and played out of Dallas (they changed their name to the Chiefs in 1963 when they moved to Kansas City). I discussed the long-standing history between the Broncos and Chiefs in last month’s live stream between these two teams, so I won’t really get into it over here.
The Chiefs may be ranked higher than the Broncos when it comes to their win/loss record this season, but both teams have been struggling with their offensive. Both teams are also coming off a recent defeat. The Broncos were crushed last Sunday against the New England Patriots, ending the game with a score of 16-3 (ouch!). Earlier that same day, the Chiefs fell to the Tennessee Titans with a score of 19-17 (despite a 14-0 early lead by the Kansas City team). In the second half of last Sunday’s game between the Titans and Chiefs, the Kansas City team’s offensive completely evaporated. Now, both teams are looking to make up for last week’s disappointing defeat. The Chiefs are looking towards making the playoffs by defeating the Broncos tonight. Meanwhile, the Denver team is looking to build momentum and make up for last month’s defeat against the Chiefs. The Broncos have went from being Super Bowl Champions to being total underdogs against this Kansas City team. Will the Broncos be able to pull off a huge upset against the Chiefs? Or will the Chiefs conquer the Broncos and move onto the playoffs?
Look below to find out how you can live stream the game between the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs on your computer, tablet, television or mobile device. Time to celebrate the holidays with some hard-hitting NFL action! Find out how to watch the Kansas  City Christmas showdown!

Broncos vs. Chiefs Viewing Details

Date: Sunday, December 25, 2016
Time: 8:30 P.M. EST
Location: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri
TV Channel: NBC, NFL Red Zone
Online: Game Pass
Mobile: NFL App

How To Watch Broncos vs. Chiefs Live Stream Online

Hey, bro. Do you want to watch all the Christmas chaos between the Chiefs and the Broncos? NFL’s Game Pass is here to the rescue! Register right here for a free seven days of pulse-pounding NFL showdowns on Game Pass. But if you don’t want to pay anything, you’ll have to cancel your account before your seven-day trial expires. If not, you will be charged $49.99 for the new mid-season package, which lasts until July 31, 2017. Wow! That’s a whole lot of football! And $49.99 isn’t exactly chump change.

Watch Broncos vs. Chiefs Live Stream Online Without Cable Subscription

You can get Game Pass without having a cable subscription. So, do the clicking and get you some NFL-style fun!
And there’s one more option to see the Kansas City Chiefs battle the Denver Broncos if you don’t have access to cable, but do have access to an internet connection. This option comes in the form of Sling TV, which provides a $25 monthly fee, but if you listen closely, you can see this all for free!
Just click on the Sling website, you’ll find a light blue bar with those incredible words (and that lovely number) “Watch Now 7 Days Free” – if you wanna see this Christmas night showdown then you’re going to want to click on that offer.
You’ll also need to sign up for the Sling Blue package, it costs just $25 a month, but if you decide to cancel within seven days, you will not be charged. Though if you chose to stick around with Sling, you’ll be able to see your favorite shows from a trilogy of ESPN channels to South Park on Comedy Central, and you’ll be able to see many more NFL and college football games in the future. Sling TV has something for you (sports), and something for the kids too (Cartoon Network).

How To Watch Broncos vs. Chiefs Live Stream On Mobile/Tablet

Hey, dude. Got that Sling TV subscription, yet? If you do,awesome! Because you’ll definitely need that to access the Sling TV app to watch the Chiefs try to fend the Broncos this Sunday night.. You can download this app for free on Roku, Xbox One, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, and last but most definitely not least Apple TV.
Hey, again. Are you a Verizon subscriber? Want to watch this war unfold without having to reach in your wallet? Well, you’re in luck because you just hit the jackpot! For Verizon subscribers only, you’ll be able to live stream local and prime-time games by way of the NFL app. And you’ll be able to download this app for free from Windows Store, Apple TV, and the Google Play Store.
Now it’s time to watch some Christmas football!

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