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WATCH: Lady Wants Nothing To Do With ‘La La Land’ In ‘Billy on the Street’ Interview

Billy Eichner's Twitter

Billy Eichner’s Twitter

I’m usually not a big fan of Billy on the Street interviews. Watching Billy Eichner run around like a madman and scream in random’s people’s faces doesn’t typically do it for me, but this clip is a very notable exception. Billy asked a woman if she planned on seeing La La Land, and her agitated response was comedic gold.

Here’s the video in all of its confrontational glory.

Get ’em!!! Billy just learned the hard way that she’s not the one to sass. Homegirl’s got four kids. She ain’t got time for Billy’s nonsense or some boring ass movie. And yes, you’re goddamn right I’m calling La La Land boring. I don’t care about all of the rave reviews and Oscar buzz, that movie looks like a hot, steaming pile of garbage.

I’d rather watch paint dry than pay $12.50 to see Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling sing and dance around for 128 minutes. I really like both Stone and Gosling, but musicals are not my scene at all. My jaw hurts just thinking about all the yawning I’d do watching that high school play looking bullshit.

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