Here's Bryan Cranston Eating Hot Wings & Telling A Story About How He Was Wanted For Murder

Bryan Cranston and James Franco appeared on the frankly awesome series ‘Hot Ones’. ‘Hot Ones’ is essentially a talk show except the celebrities eat progressively hotter wings as they promote whatever it is that they’re promoting.
So while stopping by to promote their new (horrible looking) movie Why Him?, Franco and Cranston got into their respective histories in the food industry. While Franco unsurprisingly told a story about picking up chicks in a McDonald’s drive-through, ole’ Walter White here comes out of left field with an absolutely wild story about how him and his brother were one basically prime murder suspects.
The story of Cranston’s murder investigation starts at the 6:10 mark, and frankly seems like it could only happen to Bryan Cranston.


Festivus Memes 2018: Funny Photos, Jokes & Best Images
Festivus Memes 2018: Funny Photos, Jokes & Best Images
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