Festivus Memes 2018: Funny Photos, Jokes & Best Images

It’s 2018 and Festivus is still going strong, despite being popularized over 20 years ago thanks to the Seinfeld episode “The Strike”.
If you’ve never heard of Festivus, prepare yourself to learn about the funniest fake holiday in the history of holidays. Festivus has become such a cult success, that it’s become both a parody and a secular holiday. Yes, according to the NY Times, there are many real people who celebrate the very fake (now real-ish) holiday:

Those two rituals — accusing others of being a disappointment and wrestling — are traditions of Festivus as explained on the show by the character Frank Costanza. On that episode he tells Kramer that he invented the holiday when his children were young and he found himself in a department store tug of war with another Christmas shopper over a doll. “I realized there had to be a better way,” Frank says.
So he coined the slogan “A Festivus for the rest of us” and formulated the other rules: the holiday occurs on Dec. 23, features a bare aluminum pole instead of a tree and does not end until the head of the family is wrestled to the floor and pinned.

Despite the fact that Festivus appeared in Seinfeld’s ninth and final season, Fesituvs remains as one of the most everlasting and ingenious creations to ever come out of the show.
So if you hate all the commercial and religious aspects of Christmas like Frank Costanza does, then you’ll love these Festivus memes.


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