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WATCH: Delivery Boy Saves The Day By Kicking Thief In Face



On December 14, a scumbag thief in Brazil stole a woman’s purse and made a run for it. The police were in hot pursuit, but it was a water delivery boy who saved the day. He sprung into action and almost knocked the crook’s domepiece clean off his shoulders with a beautiful kick. Watch the good Samaritan come through in the clutch in the video below.

There is no better form of justice than perfectly executed flying kicks to the face. Courtesy of typicalredditor8, you can watch this masterful kick on a loop until the end of time.



LiveLeak has been on fire lately with kung fu badassery. For a bonus martial arts treat, let’s head to Foshan, Guangdong, China on December 18. Some moron picked the wrong truck driver to steal a cell phone from, as he got drilled off his scooter while trying to make his escape. Watch the truck driver get his phone back in the coolest way imaginable.

Can you hear me now!?!? Goddamn, that was awesome. All this sweet karate justice has me real jacked up. Might clock out early, toss 3 Ninjas into the DVD player, and roundhouse the f*ck out of some flower pots.

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