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WATCH: Security Guard Makes Impressive Catch At Cricket Game



I’m not sure when or where this amazing highlight occurred, but the details of this impressive catch aren’t important. What is important is that a security guard caught an absolute missile of a cricket ball while not even getting up from his chair. Watch the casual display of brilliance in the video below.

“I keep security and I catch balls.” Just another day at the office for this badass. He keeps the perimeter safe and he snares hot cricket shots like it’s nothing. One of those teams ought to give him a contract, or at the very least, his security employer needs to sweeten the pot. He needs a substantial raise and a better chair, pronto. That patio furniture from the mid-90s isn’t going to cut it for the Brooks Robinson of security guards.

Plus, the security industry needs all the good press they can get after that creep got caught jerking it in San Diego. This guy’s single-handedly restoring the public’s faith in security guards.

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