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WATCH: Lady Tears Up Dance Floor At Office Holiday Party

hair jordan's Twitter

hair jordan’s Twitter

‘Tis the season for office holiday parties, and one middle-aged woman rose to the occasion like Michael Jordan in the NBA Finals. Watch this lady cut up a rug like nobody’s business.

That was amazing! It was so amazing that I was worried I was getting tricked into watching guerrilla marketing for that shitty looking Office Christmas Party movie. I must’ve rewatched that split a half dozen times, trying to spot some special effects wizardry. But nope, there was no fakery here. Just a big ol’ broad who’s surprisingly limber and has hit the Franzia with reckless abandon.

I can’t believe neither of those guys on the dance floor tried to slide behind that caboose and get a little grind session in. They had a golden opportunity to saddle up and hold on to those hips for dear life. Goddamn dorks wouldn’t know a good time if it was literally shaking its ass in their faces.

Best office holiday party dancing performance since Elaine Benes had herself a brief seizure.

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