Arian Foster Has Gone From The NFL To Asking College Kids 'What Are Those?!'

One month you’re playing in the NFL for the Miami Dolphins, the next you’re at a hot dog stand in the middle of the night about to throwdown with a bunch of douchey college kids. Such is life for Arian Foster these days.
TMZ Sports has received footage of Arian, his brother Abdul and father Carl at Yoyo’s Hot Dog in Houston around 3 AM on Sunday Monring. In the beginning of the video, it appears as though the former Dolphins and Houston Texans running back was just messing with a bunch of college kids, saying one’s shoes are ‘awful’ (AKA ‘What are those?!?!?!).
Things then take a turn for the worst. I’d go on describing it, but the video is far more entertaining.
Gotta say, didn’t expect to see this from Arian Foster of all people. Vontaze Burfict? Yeah. Pacman Jones? Yeah. Ray Lewis? You’ll probably get your ass stabbed. But Foster is famous for being both a vegan and an atheist, so you gotta figure pacifist is mixed in there too, right?
And also, quick pro tip to this young — probably not the best idea to pick a fight with a recently retired NFL player (6’1″, 230 lbs) and his similarly sized brother.

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