100 Foot Tall Tree Falls On The Mother Of The Bridge During A California Wedding Ceremony

The mother of the bride is believed to have been killed after a 100-foot tree fell on top of a wedding party in Whittier, California. According to Whittier Police Department officials, the eucalyptus tree, estimated to be more than 80 feet tall, killed the mother of the bride and injured seven other people, including a four-year-old girl who was listed in critical condition with head trauma. The identity of the person who was killed has not yet been released.
Around 4:30 P.M. on Sunday afternoon, a wedding party was taking pictures after the ceremony when the 100 foot tall tree fell, trapping 20 people beneath it. According to the fire department, chainsaws were used to remove those who were trapped underneath the tree’s branches. Of the 20 trapped, the five people who were injured suffered minor and moderate injuries and were taken to a hospital for treatment and are expected to recover.
John Tripp, a Los Angeles County Fire Department deputy chief, said, “Fortunately, there weren’t more people injured by the tree collapse. It could have been a lot worse.” Similarly, Sgt. Jason Zuhlke of the Whittier Police Department said ‘the scene was very chaotic.’

City officials could not confirm that Friday evening’s heavy rains played a factor in the collapsing of the tree. Arborists are expected to began an investigation as to why the tree fell.

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