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Donald Trump Makes Embarrassing Typo On Twitter

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Earlier this week, a United States Naval underwater drone was seized by China in the South China Sea. If you’re unfamiliar with this story, click below to get the scoop. But then please rejoin us, so we can laugh at President-elect Donald Trump‘s dumbass.

Were you wondering what Trump thought about China seizing one of our drones? Here’s how he so eloquently put it on his Twitter earlier today.

These are screenshots of Trump’s tweet because he would later realize that he’s a goddamn moron and fix the typo. Here is the revised tweet that remains at the top of his page.

On one hand, I feel like I shouldn’t be too hard on Trump. God knows I’ve made a ton of careless typos over the years, and I never even sniffed a spelling bee title in my entire academic career. But then again, I’m not going to be the next f*cking President of the United States! All I can picture is Trump firing out that tweet while sitting on the toilet, trying to phonetically sound out unprecedented like he’s Billy Madison.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had a field day with Trump’s typo. Here are some of the best tweets about his embarrassing blunder.

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