When I Grow Up, I Want To Be This 12-Year-Old Boy Who Judo-Chopped A Robber

This is how I want to raise my son, to become four feet of absolute courage and tactful in martial arts. Listen, there are people who will rob a store, and there are people who will shoot a kid, and they are not mutually exclusive. Most people who are willing to commit robbery are NOT willing to injure a child. In fact, (hopefully) most people aren’t going to shoot a kid, and therefore that makes children the perfect line of defense. The criminal finds themselves in a catch-22 of whatever morality they have left.

And that’s exactly what we have here. CCTV footage from 2011 has emerged showing a scrappy AF 12-year-old boy attempting to tackle an armed robber by punching him in the stomach. Dad, give yourself a parent of the year award, because your son is a straight badass.

Via Daily Mail:

A plucky 12-year-old boy stopped an armed robber in his tracks by disarming him with his martial arts skills and sending him packing from a Turkish jewellery shop. The man walked into the store in Istanbul’s Bagcilar district carrying a bag and wearing a surgical mask, baseball cap, and sunglasses.

He then slammed the satchel down on the counter and grabbed a gun from inside the waistband of his jeans. The boy, who was already in the shop, reacted at lightening speed and leapt towards the man. He grabbed the gun and punched the man in the stomach, then wrestled the robber out of the shop, slamming the door behind him.

His father, Mehmet Karagöz, then rushes out from behind the counter to come to the young lad’s aid, and between them they manage to hold the door shut as the robber first tries to get back in – but then flees the scene.

Just overall legendary stuff from this kid right here. Hopefully, one day we see him in one of two professions, either the political arena or in the UFC octagon.


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