WATCH: Two Drunk Guys Fight Way Too Close To A Lake

It’s unclear why these two drunken rednecks wanted to fight, but it is crystal clear that they didn’t pick the most optimal setting to throw down. Watch the two brawlers struggle to maintain their footing in a hilariously sloppy showdown.

If that scrap happens at a random Walmart parking lot, I think we’re in for a total snoozefest. Neither of those two guys appeared to be too skilled in the art of combat, and the dude with a goatee seemed to have drank his body weight in moonshine.
But having their battle take place right against a lake turned it into one of the most enthralling fight videos I’ve seen in a while. If we get Mayweather/Pacquiao II, I’m only shelling out the money for pay-per-view if we can get a giant moat in the middle of the ring. Who knows, maybe this could provide a spark for boxing like steroids did for the MLB back in the late 90s.
My¬†favorite part of the video was definitely how the victor alternated between trying to assist the other guy out of the lake and ruthlessly assaulting him. One second he’s extending a helping hand, and the next he’s punching and kicking him in the face. I guess it’s like the old saying goes, all is fair in love and aquatic fisticuffs.

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