WATCH: YouTube Prankster Gets Slapped, Goes To Hospital, Now Suing Slapper

As if you didn’t hate YouTube pranksters enough, this news about YouTuber “Mr. Granbomba” is going to make you despise them even more.
Long story short, Mr. Granbomba comes up with the dumbest prank ever, upsets the person he’s trying to prank, and gets slapped into the next world by said person. Rather than taking his lickings like a champion and returning home with something worth watching, Mr. Granbomba heads to the hospital, gets documentation of his injuries, and is now suing the person.
You can watch the video below:

What Happened?

Although I don’t speak Spanish, there are thankfully some people on the internet who can. Here’s a transcript of what was said:

Prankster: would you be so kind as to tell me how to get to the shopping area?
Blurred face: What shopping area?
prankster: You know, the area with a lot of stores and things of that sort
Blurred face: (gives directions)
Prankster: Give me the directions clearly you anchovy face. To begin with, where are we right now?
Blurred face: Anchovy face? I should hit you right now.
Prankster: Its a hidden camera prank!
Blurred face: Where’s the camera?
Prankster: Its just a prank.
Blurred face: Where’s the camera?
Prankster: Its just a school project to see how people would react.
Blurred face: I should hit you, clown
Prankster: I’m sorry for bothering you. Its just a school project
Blurred face: (something along the lines of): If I wasn’t working right now, I would beat your ass
Prankster: Alright, sorry to bother you.
Blurred face: I should f*cking beat your ass
Prankster: Bro. I’m sorry. It was a joke
Blurred face: I sh*t on my whore mother (Spanish expression expressing frustration)
Prankster: It was just a joke. I wasn’t being seri-
Blurred face: (SLAP) What are you on about?
Prankster: It was a joke. It was a joke.
Blurred face: Get out of here.

Most of the time, crappy YouTubers would be ecstatic that they got slapped or hit by the people they were trying to prank because that’s a video everyone wants to see. It’s called justice. But nope, Mr. Granbomba can’t take his licks and has to go crying to the hospital after getting slapped once in the face. Granted, that was a hell of a slap, but it’s not like he fell to the ground or even wobbled a bit. Who goes to the hospital for a slap?
I think my favorite thing about this whack story is the evidence he shows as damage:
Like, bro, he did not slap the acne onto you. You were born with that. Give me a break.

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