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The SantaCon 2016 Debauchery Has Commenced And You’ll Want To See The Pics

(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

SantaCon 2016 is today in many cities across the world, with the biggest pub crawl of all of course going down in New York City.

It’s a polarizing event, with many civilians and businesspeople frustrated by all the red-suited degeneracy going on around their cities. Some grinches even took the time to put up posters all around New York City that falsely claimed SantaCon had been cancelled this year.

But if you’re a reader of this site, chances are you see how joyous a Christmas-themed day-drink with tens thousands of your best friends could be.

If you’re out there in your Santa suit, just remember SantaCon is above all about spreading Christmas cheer, so don’t be the guy who pukes on the street. And if those protesters telling you that you’re going straight to hell turn out to be right then at least we’ll all end up there together.

And if you’re like me and weren’t able to make it, you can live vicariously through these people having more fun than us by looking at all the photos from the day’s festivities.

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