Biggest Loser In This Fight: Kid Getting Head Smashed In, Or Kid Wearing Cut-Up, White Jeans?

I think the biggest loser here is homeboy in the drug-rug hoodie and distressed white jeans. You can always recover from an ass beating, but having no sense of style is a life long affliction. Short of hiring a fashion coach or whatever, this kid is gonna be dressing like a buffoon for the rest of his days. Not a good look.
Now, as for the kid who simultaneously (potentially) severed his spine and suffered a brain hemorrhage: I don’t know what you did to get yourself into this situation, but you should probably never put yourself in this spot again. You were outgunned from the jump. Stand up game? Got bodied. Grapple game? Bodied. Ground game? Yeah, he almost died. Our boy right here didn’t even take his backpack off. Word from the wise to this kid: When you’re expecting a fight, maybe ditch the bookbag. I give Sunshine credit for, well, A). not dying, and B) standing up after that. That was a vicious attack.
As for the nearly/potentially soon-to-be murderer who laid the smackdown, I have a couple more thoughts. A). Never on school property, my man. Literally probably the worst place to fight other than in front of a police station. B). You KNOW people are going to be Snapchatting and Tweeting the f*ck out of this, mayyyybeee you shouldn’t openly try and cause the kid brain damage. He was done after the suplex and you knew it. Those devastating ground-smashing punches you threw in after is the type of shit that gets you sued.
By the way, is this Texas? It’s gotta be Texas. It’s either Texas, or, you know who …………. Florida.
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