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Klay Thompson Is A Narc



Didn’t already hate the Golden State Warriors? Here’s another reason why you should: Klay Thompson is a total f*cking narc.

In case you missed it, last week, Warriors coach Steve Kerr revealed in a podcast that he tried marijuana twice to help him recover from two back surgeries the past year and a half. He also stated that he hopes all professional sports leagues would allow the usage of marijuana as a form of treating pain, as opposed to allowing prescription drugs. Naturally, the sports media of the world asked his players about the quotes. That’s when Klay Thompson, who’s always been a shadowy character to begin with (Is he white? Black? Is that hair red? What is he?), blew his cover, giving the most narc-y answer in the history of drugs and policing.

via ESPN:

“But not recreation use,” Klay Thompson said. “That should not be of its use ever, but there’s obviously a medicinal side to [marijuana] that people are finding out have benefits, especially people in really high pain.”

“That should not be of its use ever”? Who the hell talks like that? What is that, old English? That’s like the high schooler who looks like he’s actually 24 asking you ‘Good sir, may I buy some marijuanas from you?’ Just sounds f*cking narc-y. I’ve always been skeptical of Klay Thompson, but now my theories are all but confirmed: Klay Thompson is a narc.

As GQ points out, this is a weird thing to say when A.) recreational marijuana just passed in California (where Thompson plays) and B.) when your teammates have called you “Big Smokey.” Klay Thompson is definitely a narc.

Or he’s trying to force a trade.

But still probably a narc.

Also, never forget that time Klay Thompson did this. He’s fine, you guys… totally fine.

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