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WATCH: Chris Pratt Impresses Jennifer Lawrence & With Card Trick



Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are hitting the press junket hard to promote their upcoming film Passengers. On the most recent edition of The Graham Norton Show, Pratt pulled off a card trick that had both and Lawrence deeply impressed.

Watch Pratt get his Houdini on in the video below.

That was pretty damn cool. I guess we can now add master of the dark arts to Pratt’s ever-expanding résumé. Is there anything this guy can’t do? Andy f*ckin Dwyer is crushing everything in his path these days.

Even though I really did enjoy watching Pratt work his literal magic, the best part of that video was definitely calling his card “an A of hearts.” What a goddamn simpleton.

This card trick wasn’t the first bit of gold Pratt and Lawrence’s promotional tour has provided either. Pratt has been stealthily cropping Lawrence out of his pics and racking up the yuks on Instagram.

As much as I appreciate Pratt’s running Instagram gag, I think we all know that the best Lawrence photos are the ones where you can actually see her. Here are some pictures of Jennifer turning heads at the Passengers photocall in Berlin, Germany.

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