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I Fell Into A YouTube Hole & Found Out Former ‘Late Late Show’ Host Craig Ferguson Was A Stud

via CBS

via CBS

Okay, so I never watched Craig Ferguson when he was on. I was either in high school or college and late night TV just wasn’t on my priority list. Now that I’m an relatively functioning adult with a job and what not, I catch more late night TV than ever before. I rock with Stephen Colbert and always have. Even before Jimmy Fallon made an ass of himself with Donald Trump, I was repping Colbert. So occasionally when I’m feeling ballsy and stay up late, I’ll catch the Late Late Show with James Corden. He’s a funny dude, but he’s funny in the same way when a girl calls a dude ‘adorable.’ I mean, yeah, it’s a compliment, but it’s not the compliment you want. But as good as Colbert and Corden may be, turns out they both have nothing on Craig Ferguson.

So, I was clicking around on YouTube, and ended up slipping into one of those YouTube black holes where you just click and click until you’ve ended up in The Matrix. And as it turns out, there are hours and hours of footage of Craigy Fergs making some of the most beautiful and famous women in the world soaking. Sure, the Irish accent, salt and pepper hair, and the fact that he’s married go a looonnnggggg way, but the dude just has straight up game. Any regular folk would be deucing their pants to even introduce themselves to one of these chicks, and here’s our boy Craig literally putting on a masterclass in flirting in front of a national audience.

Also, count how many times he complements their dresses.

Now, if you don’t want to to invest hours in watching a retired late night host flirt with women, I totally respect that because that means you live a far more exciting life than I, but I’m telling you, you gotta check this dude in action, so I’ll leave you this interview with Kate Mara. You can literally see her getting turned on in real time.

Craig: “I don’t know, I find it very difficult to talk to you.”

Kate: “Is it the shoulder?”

Craig: “No, it’s not the shoulder. Well, the shoulder’s part of it.”

Kate: “What’s the other part?”

Craig: “All the other parts.”

Kate (hides hands in face): “I’m blushing a little bit.”

Craig: “No you’re not.”

Kate: “I’m blushing on the inside.”

That’s a wrap. She’s done. KOd. Craig Ferguson is my new hero.

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