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WATCH: High School Football Team Runs Back Kickoff To Pull Off Miraculous Comeback



Two Massachusetts high school football teams gave us a Thanksgiving game for the ages. Late in the fourth quarter, Lynn English threw a touchdown pass and made the two-point conversion to take a 20-15 lead over Lynn Classical. English kicked off to Classical with just eight seconds left on the clock, and after they made the tackle, their fans rushed the field. But like the great Lee Corso says, “Not so fast, my friends.” A player on English was offsides, so they had to re-kick. Watch the madness unfold in the video below.

Holy moly, what a finish! That kickoff return definitely gave me flashbacks to the timeless Cal/Stanford runback.

THE DIPSHIT STUDENT BODY IS OUT ON THE FIELD!! I really wish those dumbass kids got truck sticked for running on the field like that. Take a look at the clock, you goddamn morons.

It’s still inexcusable that English couldn’t come up with a stop, though. If I had a kid on that team, they would have went straight to bed with no Thanksgiving dinner. Those choke artists aren’t worthy of a teaspoon of cranberry sauce.

[h/t FTW]

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