TBT: Since Dave Chappelle Is Back, Let’s Watch His Most Recent Standup From Over A Decade Ago


In case you haven’t heard, Netflix recently announced that they will be releasing 3 new Dave Chappelle specials in 2017. In all honesty, it was probably the best news of the week. After his powerhouse performance on SNL a couple of weeks ago, America remembered how much we truly need Dave Chappelle in our lives, now more than ever. Well, as Netflix usually does, they f*cking delivered.

According to Vulture, Netflix’s order includes one all-new performance to be produced by the service and two never-before-seen specials from Chappelle’s “personal comedy vault.”

Chappelle hasn’t released new standup material in 12 years, since 2004’s For What It’s Worth. So, since’s it’s Thursday, Thanksgiving, and Chappelle is back, I figured what better way to kill an hour before dinner to watch the world’s greatest standup comedian doing what he does best.

COED Writer
COED Writer
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